Giant Yapool

The giant form of Yapool was created when many Extradimensional Beings, Yapool, fused together to fight Ultraman Ace after he invaded the Yapool dimension. Giant Yapool can use a plethora of beam attacks and psychokinetic abilities to fight. This form is also known as “Superbeing Yapool” and “Giant Superbeing Yapool”.

TAC developed an interdimensional traveling device to defeat Yapool that Seiji Hokuto used to enter Yapool’s domain. Yuko Minami also traveled to the alternate dimension after being brought there by Zoffy, and the two transformed into Ultraman Ace. This caused all the Yapool to fuse into Giant Yapool. Giant Yapool gained the advantage over Ace by blocking Ace’s tackle with a barrier and then setting the floor around Ace on fire.

Giant Yapool attacked Ace with beam attacks fired from his right hand until he was hit by Ace’s own beam. The giant was then killed after being hit by Ace’s Straight Beam and Metallium Beam.


Alias: Alternate Dimension Man
Height: 50m
Weight: 82,000t

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