A violent monster that feeds on oil. Takkong’s body is spherical and covered in suction cups like an octopus. Takkong was awakened by irregular meteorological events that occurred around the globe, then appeared outside Tokyo Bay at the same time as Zazahn.

Takkong was unaffected by MAT’s attacks, defeated Zazahn in a fierce battle, and then came ashore heading for the city. It destroyed several buildings but was attacked by a mysterious blue light orb and retreated back into Tokyo Bay.

After hiding in the bay for some time, Takkong appeared again to attack an offshore oil plant. It was beginning to make a home on the seafloor of Tokyo Bay when the MAT Submarine attacked and injured the monster, but this made Takkong destroy an underwater oil pipeline using its claws.

Takkong then ambushed an oil refinery and destroyed most of it when Ultraman Jack arrived. Jack and Takkong fought, ending with Jack defeating Takkong with his Spacium Beam.


Alias: Oil Monster
Height: 45m
Weight: 23,000t

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