About the Character
A mysterious evil Ultraman, whom appeared from a portal of a dimension.
Although he talks and acts like a gentleman, with his sweet words, he takes advantage of those with weak hearts.
By driving them in to darkness, he has tricked many planets and lives.
However, he answers to his acts of evil, as just “giving dreams”.

In the movie, brutal personalities of ULTRAMAN TREGEAR can be seen. He kidnaps Riku (ULTRAMAN GEED) and Vega into a different world, while trapping Vega into a kaiju and making Riku fight against it.
By traveling into many outer spaces, he is able to open portals to different dimensions. For instance, he easily appeared onto a planet that was 7452 light years away from earth.
He is also a skilled fighter, and was unyielding even when four heroes, Rosso, Blu, Grigio, and Geed, fought against him.


Height 50m
Weight 37,000t

By storing all his energy into his arms, releases powerful electrical bolts called Trera Ultigeyser.
He is also able to use other abilities such as Trera Thyra, which opens wormholes to transport himself, abilities to project scenes and events that are happening elsewhere, and visions.

He was once Ultraman Taro’s best friend, however fell into darkness leading him to be an enemy to peace.

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