Ultraman Jack

Ultraman Jack

Ultraman Jack came from Nebula M78 Land of Light, also called as the “Land of Ultra,” to defend Earth from alien invasions and monsters awaken from sleep. Ultraman Jack skillfully uses the versatile weapon Ultra Bracelet which was given by Ultraseven.
Ultraman Jack takes the human form of Hideki Go who is a member of the Monster Attack Team “MAT” on Earth.


Height - 40 m
Weight - 35,000 t

Special Moves - Spacium Beam
Same as the first Ultraman who came to Earth, Spacium Energy, which is stored in all over the body, is gathered into both arms and a white-colored destructive beam is shot from the right hand after arms arranged in a cross shape. His proud destructive power is as great as the Spacium Beam of the first Ultraman.

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