Ultraman Justice

Ultraman Justice

A Giant of Justice who came from the deep reaches of space, he is one of the Giants who mediates peace in space in accordance with the will of Universal Justice. His fighting style combines both speed and power, and he incorporates both light beam abilities, such as the Victorium Beam, and supernatural Ultra Psychokinesis to subdue those who go against the Universal Justice.
He first appears to protect the spaceship of the Alien Gyashi race from a Scorpis attack after Sandros ravaged their home world. Sandros then invades Earth, and Ultraman Justice fights him off along with Ultraman Cosmos before leaving Earth.
He shows up again on Earth three years later after he was sent by Delacion to wipe out humanity and rebuild the Earth. He attacks Cosmos and initially defeats him. However, after experiencing life through his human form Julie, he decides instead to protect humanity. Facing up against the Gloker Rook who is attacking a human town, Justice changes to his Crusher Mode for the first time.
Later, when Giga Endra arrived to destroy the Earth, Justice fused with Cosmos and transforms into Ultraman Legend to defeat it. Finally, he and Cosmos convince Delacion to give humanity more time before passing final judgement on humanity’s threat to Universal Justice.


Height: 46m
Weight: 41,000t

Special Moves :Victorium Beam

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