Height - 47m
Weight - 36,000 t

Yullian is the princess of the Land of Light who came to Earth from Nebula M78 Land of Light, where she grew up together with Ultraman 80. She came to Earth to warn Ultraman 80 that King Galtan from Planet Garagara, that attacked Land of Light, was now after his life. However, Yullian suffered from a temporary loss of memory due to the spaceship accident that happened when she arrived on Earth. She was rescued in her human form and named as Ryoko Hoshi by Captain Oyama of UGM. Afterwards, Ryoko joined UGM to tread in Emi Jono’s footsteps, an UGM member who was killed in the line of duty, and played a great role in defending Earth.

Special Moves
Yullian Chop
Double Power
Yullian Throw

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