Alien Pressure

An alien known as a “space magician”, Pressure wields its “All Might Staff” to use various kinds of psychic abilities. Pressure is also known as “Alien Pressure”.

Pressure appeared suddenly in Tokyo in human size where it outran the MAC members who came to capture it and Pressure escaped into the house of Tetsuo, a boy who frequented Jonan Sports Center. It took the boy and his mother hostage, but ran away once Gen Otori put himself at risk to rescue them.

Pressure then turned giant and attacked the city. The alien shot down the MAC Jets and then used a shrink ray to reduce Ultraman Leo down to micro size, stuffed the hero into a balloon, and then disappeared as Leo floated off into the sky.

Pressure reappeared several days later and chased after Tetsuo and Captain Moroboshi. Ultraman Leo had escaped from the balloon but was still micro-sized, so neither his nor MACs attacks had any effect. Then, Ultraman King appeared and used his King Hammer to restore Leo to his original size. Pressure faced against Ultraman King and Leo’s combined attacks, but was unable to stand up to them and defeated.


Alias: Monster Man
Height: 1.95 - 47m
Weight: 80kg - 29,000t
Homeworld: Planet Pressure

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