Alien Akumania

An amalgamation of dark spirits that travels around the galaxy in the form of a strange asteroid and brings calamity to planets they visit. Alien Akumania attacks with flashes from their eyes and psychokinetic abilities.

After flying to Earth in its asteroid form, Alien Akumania evaded MAC’s efforts to track it and disappeared into the sky. It reappeared above the residential area where a young boy named Takashi lived and hid itself in the form of evil spirits. Alien Akumania then caused various kinds of paranormal activity.

Gen Ootori and Dan Moroboshi caught word of the ghostly activity and came to investigate. Alien Akumania used its telepathy to warn them to leave. However, Gen managed to prevent the evil spirits from doing any further harm. Alien Akumania returned to its comet form and attacked the residential area with a rocket fired from its eye.

Gen transformed into Ultraman Leo and engaged Alien Akumania in combat. The alien changed from its meteorite form into its Space Demon form, and used its psychokinetic powers to control Leo’s arms. Astra appeared and he and Leo used their Ultra Double Flasher combo attack to change Alien Akumania back into an asteroid, where Astra throws the alien into the far flung outer reaches of space.


Alias: Space Demon
Height: 50m
Weight: 15,000t
Homeworld: Planet Akumania

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