A monster gifted to Captain Dan Moroboshi by the Land of Light after he lost his ability to transform into Ultraseven. Sevenger is usually housed inside a “monster ball”, a small capsule in the shape of a rugby ball, and appears when Dan summons it. Sevenger possesses a metallic body that can withstand attacks and super strength, but can only fight for up to a minute.

Sevenger was carried to Earth in its monster ball by Ultraman Jack from the Land of Light, where it was almost stolen by the Heinous Two-Sided Monster Ashuran. Jack aka Hideki Go safely handed Sevenger’s capsule to Dan, and Dan summoned Sevenger from the capsule to fight the pursuing monster Ashuran.

Sevenger made light work of Ashuran’s attacks and easily overpowered the monster with blows from his powerful arms. However, Sevenger ran out of time just before it could finish Ashuran off and returned to the capsule. During the next 50 hours Sevenger was unable to be summoned, Ashuran was defeated by Ultraman Leo and Jack, and so was never seen again.


Alias: Monster Ball
Height: Micro - 58m
Weight: 0 - 33,000t
Homeworld: Planet M78

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