Alien Valky

An Alien that plotted to dominate the Earth’s oceans by using its servant Samekujira to sink all of the Earth’s ships. Alien Valky is very cunning, waiting carefully for the right moment to eliminate Ultraman Taro. It attacks with its Valky Beam fired from its forehead and its space spear the Valky Ring.

Alien Valky ordered Samekujira to come ashore near Tokyo. Kotaro Higashi transformed into Ultraman Taro and attacked the monster. Samekujira was weakened in the attack, so Alien Valky teleported to assist. Alien Valky attacked Taro with kicks and pinned the Ultra’s arms behind his back but was stunned by an attack by ZAT. Taro took that chance to defeat Samekujira and Alien Valky fled.

After that, Kotaro Higashi returned the Ultra Badge to Mother of Ultra, relinquishing the power to transform into Taro. Just moments later, Alien Valky returned in human size, but Kotaro injured the alien with a shot to the head from his ZAT gun. Alien Valky turned into a giant and pursued Kotaro, who lured it into an oil refinery. Alien Valky kicked open an oil tank and was covered in gasoline. Kotaro fired his ZAT gun again, setting the alien on fire and killing it in an explosion.


Alias: Space Fisher
Height: 1.8 - 49m
Weight: 100kg to 22,000t
Homeworld: Planet Valky

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