The prince of Planet Piccola that loves to travel. Piccolo can change size at will. It attacks with its hammer and his sharp claws, and can fire missiles from its nose.

Piccolo had been interested in Earth for a long time and decided to take a closer look. It jumped aboard the Hertz Comet, but It lost his balance when It waved to a human below and fell to Earth. Piccolo hid in the chimney of a bath house to observe its surroundings where it took interest in a young boy’s pet rabbit. Piccolo gave the rabbit the ability to teleport and took delight in seeing the humans’ surprise. However, when Piccolo saw humans poison the poor rabbit, it went into a fury and transformed into a giant.

After Piccolo fought off ZAT, it then battled with Ultraman Taro, asking the Ultra why it “protects the ugly hearts of humans”. Piccolo eventually tired from its intense battle and Taro convinced it to stop fighting. Piccolo then gets back on the Hertz Comet, leaving the Earth behind.


Alias: Mischievous Alien
Height: 2.1 - 61m
Weight: 300kg to 29,000t
Homeworld: Planet Piccola

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