A Terrible-Monster created by the Extradimentional Being, Yapool, by combining a Space Monster with the larvae of a swallowtail butterfly. Baraba fires a Shock Beam from the horn on his head. It attacks using the sickle in its left hand, and the whip that extends from the metal ball on its right hand.

Baraba appeared suddenly like a phantom. It killed a boy who tried to alert TAC to Baraba’s appearance by destroying the phone box the boy was in with his whip and then disappeared. Baraba appeared again, destroyed a city by spewing flames from his mouth, then took out two TAC Space aircraft with its sickle.

Baraba fought against Ultraman Ace and was knocked into a building and fell over but it quickly recovered. Ace was then shown a vision of his Ultra Brothers held captive on Planet Golgotha and forced to halt his attack. Baraba used its Shock Beam to defeat Ace and disappeared.

The next day, Baraba came back to attack the city. Ace returned after being revived, and Baraba again attacked him with a Shock Beam. However, Ace stole the sickle from Baraba and used it to defeat the Terrible-Monster by cutting off Baraba’s head.


Alias: Hitman Terrible-Monster
Height: 75m
Weight: 85,000t

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