A Terrible-Monster created by the Extradimentional Being, Yapool, by combining a Space Monster with a moth. Doragory is violent and savage by nature. It attacks with rockets fired from its hands and flames emitted from its mouth. It has super strength and can easily tear other monsters to pieces.

Doragory appeared at the TAC Base where they were developing the Maria 1 missile to destroy the Omunious Planet, Goran. Doragory destroyed the base with his flames. Ultraman Ace arrived and Doragory attacked him with flames and punches, but Ace used his Ace Barrier to teleport Doragory to the edge of Earth’s atmosphere and trap him there.

After breaking free of the trap, Doragory reappeared with Alien Metron Jr. to attack Ace. The Giant-Fish Monster Muruchi II joined the attack but tackled Doragory by mistake, so Doragory tore Murachi apart with his super strength. Ace then trapped Doragory a second time using his Ace Barrier.

Doragory appeared for a third time, again with Metron Jr. Their combined attacks overpowered Ace, but Ace chopped off Doragory’s head with the Ace Blade, and blew up his remains with a Metalium Beam.


Alias: Moth Terrible-Monster
Height: 67m
Weight: 58,000t

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