Ultraman Hikari

Ultraman Hikari

An Ultraman who became a member of the Inter Galactic Defence Force after being part of the Land of Light’s Space Science Technology Bureau. Under the name Hunter Knight Tsurugi he pursues the powerful monster Bogarlmons, but in defeating it he runs out of energy. He is revived by Mother of Ultra’s miraculous abilities and reborn as an Ultra Warrior. He was bestowed the name Ultraman Hikari by Ryu, the captain of CREW GUYS.
He can use the same special attacks as Tsurugi, such as the Knight Beam Blade, Knight Shoot, and Blade Shot, and he is seen using the Twin Stream Lancer when fighting with Mebius.
He continued to fight on Earth after defeating Bogarl, but the strain on his body was too intense and so he returned to the Land of Light. He came back to Earth after being officially made a member of the Inter Galactic Defence Force. He fought as an ally of Mebius and then left Earth after the final battle against the Dark Great Space Emperor Alien Empera.
His human form was the former captain of CREW GUYS, Kazuya Serizawa. Kazuya retained his own will and transformed by equipping the Knight Brace, as Tsurugi had. In the final battle against Alien Empera, Ryu is also able to transform into Hikari after being entrusted with the Knight Brace by Kazuya.


Height: 50m
Weight: 35,000t
Special Moves: Knight Shoot

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