Ultraman Neos

Ultraman Neos

An Alien from the Land of Light in Nebula M78 (the Ultra home world). He is a young Ultra Warrior assigned to the Elite Task Force, an elite team in the Inter Galactic Defense Force made up of especially heroic individuals.
He merges with Genki Kagura, a HEART member who tries to protect his team from a meteor shower while working in space without any regard for his own safety. Together they decide to protect the Earth against threats caused by Dark Matter coming from the Unbalance Zone.
He fights against aliens and monsters turned berserk by the Dark Matter’s corruption using special attacks like his Neo Magnium Beam and Neos Slash. However, Neos dislikes needless violence, and also tries to immobilize monsters without defeating them.
In his final battle against the evil Mensch Heit, both Neos and his partner Ultraseven 21 are nearly defeated, but they are able to fight back with the help of Esura, an Alien Zamu. After ensuring that the Dark Matter events around the Earth have stopped, Neos separates from Genki, and he and Ultraseven 21 leave the planet together.


Height: 58m
Weight: 59,000t

Special Moves
Neo Magnium Beam

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