Ultraseven 21

Ultraseven 21

An Alien from the Land of Light (the Ultra home world) in Nebula M78. He is a veteran Ultra Warrior belonging to the Galactic Security Agency division of the Inter Galactic Defense Force. An expert in covert operations, he turns into many different human forms to spy on enemies and investigate mysterious incidents. In an emergency, he faces enemies using a varied arsenal of special attacks such as his Regia Shot and his Vezard, a space boomerang he can control with his Ultra Psychokinesis.
The Galactic Security Agency initially assigned him to investigate the Earth when it began being influenced by Dark Matter. However, just before he set off a mysterious event occurred in a different area under his jurisdiction, and with no time to spare he entrusted the defense of Earth to Ultraman Neos.
Later, Ultraseven 21 also begins watching over the Earth. He saves Neos many times, appearing out of nowhere when he is in danger. After fighting alongside Neos to defeat Mensch Heit, he and Neos decide to leave the Earth after they confirm that the Dark Matter events around Earth have finally stopped.


Height: 56m
Weight: 57,000t
Special Moves
Regia Shot

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