The Second Ultraman Connection Presents: TAMASHII NATIONS Special Streaming Ended with Surprise Appearances and Announcements!

Nov.19, 2022

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The second TAMASHII NATIONS Special Streaming premiered on November 19th (Saturday) on the ULTRAMAN OFFICIAL YouTube Channel and the TAMASHII NATIONS 2022 venue! The show introduced the latest announcements from the Ultraman Series and S.H.Figuarts Action Figures through a talk show, and the recording is currently available for your viewing!


Ultraman Connection Presents: TAMASHII NATIONS Special Streaming featuring Ultra Galaxy Fight


This show featured the Ultra Galaxy Fight series with guest appearances from Shugo Nakamura, the Japanese voice actor for Ultraman Regulos and singer of the Ultraman Regulos theme song, Hiroki Matsumoto, who stars as Kanata Asumi from Ultraman Decker, Shuya Kaneko, who played Akito Hijiri from Ultraman Trigger, and Koichi Sakamoto, director of the Ultra Galaxy Fight series.


The main MC Sean Nichols, the actor who played Sean White in Ultraman Max and the English voice of Ultraman Chuck in Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad, was joined by Alien Magma, who suddenly invaded the stage to volunteer as Sean’s co-host.



Looking back on the Ultraman Series in 2022!

In the talk show, special guests shared their passion for the series while introducing the latest announcements from S.H.Figuarts.

First, Hiroki Matsumoto shared his excitement for the S.H.Figuarts Ultraman Decker Flash Type figure.



The next segment centered around the pose Ultraman Regulos takes for his special martial arts style, the Cosmo Beast Style, and was joined by Ultraman Regulos himself! Director Sakamoto and Shugo Nakamura then gave a lecture on proper Cosmo Beast Fist form.


Shunya Kaneko is known for being a huge fan of both the Ultraman Series and UltraArts. He shared a passionate account from his Shin Ultraman viewing. This was followed by two secret guest video recordings: voice of Ultra Galaxy Fight’s Absolute Tartarus Junichi Sawabe, and the original suit actor for Ultraman Dyna, Shunsuke Gondo. Their messages also featured excerpts of them holding the S.H.Figuarts products of their characters.






◆Sora and Joneus joins the dynamic Battle Stage!

The second half of the Ultraman Connection live show features a special Battle Stage. This Battle Stage is written by Junichiro Ashiki, one of the writers for Ultraman Regulos, while Koichi Sakamoto directed the performance and camera, making it a truly unique event to Ultra Galaxy Fight fans.


The story showed an encounter between Ultraman Decker and Ultraman Regulos, featuring a stunning performance of Galaxy Rescue Force member Sora and Ultraman Joneus, voiced by Megumi Han and Nobuaki Kanemitsu. A fierce fight between the Ultra Heroes and Absolutians was shown with a stage performance of Ultraman Regulos’ opening theme fist of hope by Shugo Nakamura.


The jam-packed talk show and stunning battle stage was delivered over a dense 70 minutes and ended with special comments to the fans from the special guests.




The full show is currently available for viewing on the ULTRAMAN OFFICIAL YouTube Channel until December 18th, Saturday.

Please take a look if you haven’t watched it yet!


Moreover, it has also been announced as a surprise that Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad will be uploaded on the ULTRAMAN OFFICIAL YouTube channel every Sunday starting tomorrow, November 20th (Sunday)!


The third Ultra Galaxy Fight series portrays the fierce struggle between Ultra Heroes and the ultimate life form Absolutians. Episodes will be uploaded every Sunday. Please enjoy watching Ultraman Regulos’ taking a prominent role for the first time.


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